PML-N cadre detained
PML-N cadre detained

PML-N cadre detained

ANI | Updated: Jul 13, 2018 19:11 IST

Lahore [Pakistan], July 13, 2018 (ANI): Numbers of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supporters, who were on their way to Lahore airport to receive Nawaz Sharif, were detained by the Pakistan Police on Friday.

According to a verified Twitter handle '#occupiedPakistan', mobile networks and internet have been shut down Pakistan ahead of the former Prime Minister's arrival.
Along with a Google map, showing the current situation in the country, the handle posted, "Contrary to Govt officials, troll armies and Journalists reporting at gun point, Google is telling the truth. This is latest situation in #OccupiedLahore in #OccupiedPakistan . Pakistan is under siege by own institutions. Mobile networks and internet being shutdown. Media blacked"

Earlier, a statement posted by Pakistan-based journalist on Twitter read the Government of Punjab has appealed to suspend mobile services in and around the airport between 3-11PM today to control the law and order situation.
" control the law and order situation on 13th July 2018, switching off the mobile service is needed. Foregoing, I have been directed to request that owing to the sensitivity, switching off the mobile/cell phone services may please be made as per following details: Lahore Airport, Walled City Area, Shadra area, Barqi/Hodyara area, Nawab own area," an excerpt of the statement read.

According to Dunya News, security agencies and traffic police have worked out elaborate plans to execute an effective security strategy, ahead of father-daughter duo's arrival in the city.
PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif, earlier, in a statement urged the people of Pakistan to gather at the Lahore airport to show support to Nawaz Sharif and welcome him.
"It's a historic today. It's a day for raising voice against the government's atrocities. Today, Nawaz Sharif is coming to Lahore in a few hours, bidding his ailing wife adieu in London. Come in numbers to welcome him at the Lahore airport. After your Friday prayers, come along with me to the airport and show your support to bring peace and development in the country," he said.
Police and city administration blocked all roads going to the airport to prevent PML-N workers and leaders to reach the airport to welcome father-daughter duo, Dunya News reported.
Three-time Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was convicted in absentia last week for a corruption scandal and sentenced to 10 years in prison, while his daughter, Maryam, was handed an eight-year jail term in the same case.
Nawaz Sharif, in a video statement, earlier in the day, said, "I did whatever was there in my hand. I know I been awarded 10 years imprisonment and I will be taken straight to the jail. I am doing this sacrifice for my people of Pakistan. I want to send this message out to my people that join hands with me to bring a change in the country." (ANI)