Protests against Pakistan Army in POK

ANI | Updated: Sep 29, 2017 13:23 IST

Neelum Valley (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) [Pakistan], Sept.29 (ANI) : Residents of Falakun village of Neelum Valley in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) staged a protest demonstration against the Pakistan Army and its intelligence agencies by blocking a road in the area.

Shouting slogans like `jine ka haq do' (Give us the right to live) and demanding information about the whereabouts of people who have been made to disappear at the hands of the Pakistan Army, the protesters claimed that local youth are being abducted and tortured up by the latter.

They further claimed that the Pakistan Army has been employing pressure tactics on the local youth to cross into the Indian territory and indulge in acts of spying for them.

"Pakistan's intelligence agency officials offer to pay Rs.500 to Rs. 3,000 to the locals and force them to do spying. We are not traitors. Despite having the army's presence in the area, we have never engaged in an anti-army campaign. We want justice."

The villagers also blamed the Pakistan Army for grabbing their lands in spite of showing proof of registration of property.

A villager, who joined the protest, questioned, "Where would we go and with whom should we meet? I have receipts of my registry, which I want to show to the media and the people of the Neelum Valley. I have made all attempts to raise my voice, but no one is there to listen."

People living in the border areas of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir are facing a tough existence, as the army continues to exploit them as proxies against India. Youngsters who ignore these requests are abducted, tortured and killed. (ANI)