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Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan (File Image)
Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan (File Image)

PTI to announce dates for protest march to Islamabad between May 25-29

ANI | Updated: May 21, 2022 09:17 IST

Multan [Pakistan], May 21 (ANI): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that the tentative dates for his party's long march to Islamabad can be announced between May 25-29. However, he is yet to finalise the dates.
"We have to decide between May 25-29. And the day after tomorrow, I will make it clear so you get time to get prepared. You will get the date day after tomorrow," said the PTI chairman while addressing a jalsa at Multan, Geo tv reported.
PTI Chief called upon his supporters saying that they will not sit silently till they get a free and democratic nation. He was confident that his supporters would join the march against the 'imported government'.
Imran Khan has been holding jalsas in multiple cities across the country in the last one month. Addressing one such rally here in Multan, he said that he always prayed to Allah to awaken the conscience of the people of Pakistan so that the nation "does not bow before thieves, robbers, mafia or a superpower," the Geo tv reported.
Khan said, "Unfortunately, the country always had to witness leadership that bowed before the United States, such demeanour bought bad repute to the country" adding, this was the reason they, who looted the country for 30 years, conspired against him to oust him from office," he alleged.
Challenging the present government, he said that a storm is coming that will the change the nation. "This is not politics. This is the revolution that is turning Pakistanis into a nation," adding that the nation has woken up and that their time is over. "A revolution is coming and now the people, who had captured the country for 30 years, will be buried," Geo tv quoted.
Khan went on to say that during his tenure, the opposition conspired against him to force him to forgive the corruption charges on them and give them a National Reconciliation Order (NRO)
"If I would have forgiven their cases, this would have meant that I had not become the premier based on an ideology or to run a movement for justice. It would have meant that I had entered politics just to win a seat," he said. "I would have been like former president General Pervez Musharraf, who forgave corrupt politicians just to save his seat," Geo tv quoted Khan as saying.
Speaking of the present Prime Minister, the PTI chief said that they said they will uplift the country's economy but it has been six weeks and the progress is that the dollar exceeded Rs 200 adding that whenever they come to power, they start making money for themselves and lead the country debt-ridden.
Khan reiterated that his march to Islamabad with millions of nationals could not be stopped by anyone and it is his promise that he will never bow his head in front of any power. (ANI)