'We base Kyoto' Youth Hostel
'We base Kyoto' Youth Hostel

Raysum safely operates youth hostel in Japan's Kyoto amid Covid-19

ANI | Updated: Apr 02, 2021 14:31 IST

By Covid-19: Raysum Safely Operates Hostel In Japan'S Kyoto
Kyoto [Japan], April 2 (ANI): Kyoto is a famous tourist destination in Japan. Foreign tourists come here to enjoy and feel the charm of the traditional culture and landscape.
Under the situation of COVID-19, the tourism industry has generated hopeful ideas for the future.
"We base Kyoto" produced by Raysum is the hostel in the central town of Kyoto. It is a simple affordable accommodation that targets young travellers around the world.
Hostel's staff speak several languages, and there are special hospitality services that are not available in normal hotels.
Akiko Minobe of We base Kyoto said, "This is a hostel, so there are many shared spaces. In the lounge, guests can gather and relax. We have many types of rooms, dormitory and capsule type rooms, private rooms, the bunk bedroom, double bedroom. In addition, there is a private room with a bath and toilet, etc., and we prepare the rooms that are suitable for the guest's application".
One of the concepts is to communicate with people through various events. The Guests from around 100 countries have stayed here.

This event is called "Taiko", a Japanese traditional music experience class. This day is the Lunar New Year, foreign students and local people were invited to the event.
Gesut, an Iranian student said, "I like to learn about traditional Japanese culture, so I would like to participate. I had a lot of fun today".
This is an online connection with a temple near Mt. Fuji. Guests can experience traditional Japanese customs.
Guests can also attend a cooking class and enjoy making Chinese and Korean traditional dishes. The cooking teacher is the staff of the hostel.
A Korean staff at the hostel said, "This is called "Sanjyo". It is a kind of Korean pancake". These dishes are traditional Chinese and Korean foods, and people eat them to celebrate the Lunar New Year.
A guest said, "It is delicious". "The skin of the dumplings is very good and delicious", added another guest.
Akiko Minobe of We base Kyoto said, "When our guests say "they are very happy" and smile we get the motivation for tomorrow. We sincerely hope that guests from many countries will come. We want to connect local people and guests".
"We base Kyoto" initiative provides travellers with a lot of fun and variety of communication in addition to tourism for the future without COVID-19. (ANI)