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Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan (Photo Credit - Reuters)
Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan (Photo Credit - Reuters)

Recent report over PTI 'corruption' may damage image of Imran Khan

ANI | Updated: Jul 30, 2022 21:26 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan], July 30 (ANI): The recent report over Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)'s is expected to damage the image of Imran Khan, who has used corruption as his primary weapon against other parties in Pakistan unless the country's polling body announces its 2014's pending verdict on the foreign funding case.
PTI formed by the former Pakistan Prime Minister whose political rise has stemmed from anti-corruption rhetoric had received funding via a private cricket tournament organised by a Pakistani tycoon.
The Financial Times reported that PTI formed by former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had received funding via a private cricket tournament organised by a Pakistani tycoon.
The report said that Pakistani tycoon Arif Naqvi, founder of Dubai-based Abraaj Group, presided over the "Wootton T20 Cup" from 2010 to 2012 that had invented names - the Peshawar Perverts or the Faisalabad Fothermuckers. The guests were asked to pay between 2,000 pounds and 2,500 each to attend with the money going to unspecified "philanthropic causes".
The Election Commission of Pakistan has been probing the funding of PTI for several years. The ECP has completed its investigation in the case. The probe was pending since 2014 and the case was filed by one of the PTI's founding members Akbar S Babar, but the verdict has not been announced yet.
Shahbaz Sharif-led Pakistan government and its coalition partners have been demanding the ECP make its findings public.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif hit out at ECP for delaying the verdict on Imran Khan in the "foreign funding" case and said that this is a classic example of how the "Ladla" (Imran) was being protected.
Sharif alleged that for long a free pass had been given to the PTI chief for his repeated and shameless attacks on state institutions, which has hurt the country, the Dawn newspaper reported.
"I urge the Election Commission of Pakistan to announce long-delayed judgment on PTI foreign funding case. For long has Imran Niazi been given a free pass despite his repeated and shameless attacks on state institutions. Impunity given to him has hurt the country," Shehbaz said in a tweet.
Earlier, on April 14, Islamabad High Court Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani rejected the request to prevent access to case records to PTI's Babar and a request to remove him from the foreign funding case proceedings.
During the hearing, petitioner Babar's financial expert, Arsalan Wardak, pointed out that it was an "established fact" that money was received from Britain. He also highlighted that no one was aware of the origins of the money received from Canada, Dawn newspaper reported.
"Funds were received from Wootton Cricket Limited for which the registration number has been provided. Another USD 49,000 dollars were received from another company in the United Arab Emirates," he said, adding that the PTI did not deny receiving these funds.
The financial expert also highlighted that the donor lists were missing several details. "The PTI received funds from 13 countries There is no record of the Rs20 million received at the PTI chairman's office," he said. (ANI)