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Russian Charge d'Affair Roman Babushkin speaking at an online briefing on Wednesday
Russian Charge d'Affair Roman Babushkin speaking at an online briefing on Wednesday

Recognition of Donetsk, Luhansk was a long pending issue to prevent genocide, says Russian diplomat

ANI | Updated: Feb 23, 2022 12:38 IST

New Delhi [India], February 23 (ANI): As the situation at the Ukraine-Russia border continues to escalate, Russian Charge d'affaires in New Delhi on Wednesday said 'recognition' of breakaway regions of Donetsk and Luhansk was a long pending issue to prevent "genocide" being practiced by Ukraine authorities.
Addressing an online briefing, Russian diplomat Roman Babushkin said, "this was the only chance to save the lives of these people. All these years, the west was ignoring these issues."
This statement came a day after Russia recognized Ukraine's breakaway regions - Donetsk and Luhansk - as independent entities. This move led to severe backlash from the international community.
Explaining Russia's perspective of the ongoing crisis, the Russian Charge d'affaires accused the US of internal influence in the domestic affairs in the countries in all post-Soviet space, including Ukraine.
He said the West started using Ukraine in the geopolitical against Russia. "(They) violated the agreements on NATO non-expansion, supplying weapons to Ukraine, accelerating its military activities, moving closer the NATO borders to the Russia border to Ukraine.
The Russian diplomat accused the US of sponsoring the regime change in Ukraine.
"The US spent, for the regime change in Ukraine, around USD 5 billion, including bringing into power in 2014 -- the anti-Russian nationalists, who started genocide everything related to Russia, including those regions in the eastern part of Ukraine -- Donetsk and Luhansk who refused to recognize the Kyiv authorities."

He said Kyiv was never interested in the implementation of the Minsk agreement, which was endorsed by a United Nations Security Council resolution.
"Intentionally, they continued their policy of ceasefire violations, bringing a heavy weapon to the border and attacking critical infrastructure. At the same time, NATO continues its expansion, which became an existential threat to Russia," he added.
Talking about the recent past, Babushkin said the Ukraine authorities were "practicing genocide" in the eastern region. "They were depriving these people of basic human rights, there were huge civilian losses. ...That's why the recognition of these (Donetsk and Luhansk) republics was a long pending issue."
Babushkin said there was enough time to start this dialogue but it didn't happen.
"In recent past, it became clear that Minks package was dead. This step that was taken by Russia was the only chance to save these people," he added.
India on Tuesday strongly emphasized the need for all sides to exercise the utmost restraint and intensify diplomatic efforts to ensure a mutually amicable solution.
Speaking on the UNSC briefing on developments in Ukraine, India's Permanent Representative to the UN, TS Tirumurti said that the escalation of Ukraine-Russia tension has the potential to undermine peace and security of the region.
Tirumurti called for restraint on all sides and emphasized that this issue can only be resolved through diplomatic dialogue. (ANI)