Rohingya refugees were provided with food before they were relocated to Bhasan Char. (Photo credit: Reuters)
Rohingya refugees were provided with food before they were relocated to Bhasan Char. (Photo credit: Reuters)

Rohingya refugees hail 'mother Sheikh Hasina' for providing comfort housing in Bhasan Char

ANI | Updated: Dec 17, 2020 03:21 IST

Bhasan Char [Bangladesh], December 17 (ANI): As the Bangladesh government has established a new home for Rohingya refugees from Cox's Bazar to Bhasan Char, Rohingyas expressed gratitude to "mother Sheikh Hasina" for making sincere efforts to provide them with "peace and comfort housing".
Rohingyas expressed a sense of excitement while moving to Bhasan Char from the makeshift camp environment in Cox's Bazar.
"We are voluntarily going to Bhasan Char...We do not like the makeshift camp environment in Cox's Bazar rather we will find better things in Bhasan Char. Our children will find happiness and get education facilities there," one of the Rohingyas, who got separate accommodations for their families, told BDEyes 24.
Echoing similar sentiments, another Rohingya refugee thanked the government and said: "We would like to pay gratitude to our mother Sheikh Hasina".
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina-led Bangladesh government had invested USD 352 million to ensure a better life in Bhasan Bazar for the Rohingya refugees, who were living in dilapidated condition in Cox's Bazar.

According to BDEyes 24, 120 cluster houses including cyclone shelters have been built and they are equipped with water reservoirs, eco-friendly kitchens and separate bathrooms.
"Bhasan Char has been developed with adequate protective measures against natural disasters after analysing 176 years of cyclone data and around 12 km embankment with 9 feet height and 246 feet width has already been constructed around the island," the media outlet said in their online portal.
On December 4, a total of 1,642 Rohingyas landed in Bhasan Char wherein they were welcomed by the authorities.
"Bangladeshi authority has given us more than enough food. They have provided us breakfast, lunch and so on," said one of the refugees.
Nearly one million Rohingyas, who fled from their native Myanmar in 2018 to escape atrocities from the armed forces, are living in refugee camps across the world, mostly in Bangladesh. (ANI)