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Russian space agency offers to continue rocket engine supply to US

ANI | Updated: Sep 03, 2018 23:31 IST

Moscow [Russia], Sep 03 (ANI): Russia is all set to supply rocket engines to China and has offered to do the same for the United States of America despite bearing the brunt of several sanctions that prohibit it to do so.
However, Roscosmos, the Russian space agency head Dmitry Rogozin has revealed that it is speculated that the talks between the two countries will continue, reported Sputnik.
"We expect that talks with the United States will continue. We believe the country's political leadership supports us and, despite sanctions, it is necessary to continue exporting high-tech products. If our US colleagues have such [desire], these supplies will continue," he said.
Rogozin asserted that the US cannot build the engines of the same quality or a similar price as that of Russia.
"If we are supplying them to the United States, why cannot we supply them to friendly China. Yes, of course, as a finished product with the required serial production," he said.(ANI)