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Bahria Town (Photo Credit - Reuters)
Bahria Town (Photo Credit - Reuters)

Satirical publication lampoons misgovernance of Pakistan govt

ANI | Updated: Jun 12, 2021 00:35 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan], June 12(ANI): Taking a dig at the mis-governance of Imran Khan, a satirical post in a Pakistan publication wisecracked that American spy agency CIA is finally on the verge of getting airbases to host the US drones in Pakistan after being offered a gamut of plots inside Bahria Town located in the suburbs of Karachi inside the Sindh province.
A piece in The Dependent, a satirical publication by Pakistan Today took a jibe at the the federal and provincial governments who have not condemning the land-grabbing mission of Bahria Town Karachi (BTK), a privately owned town project which has been accused of barbaric use of force to encroach on land of the villagers.
Under the garb of development schemes the government has been grabbing the lands of Sindh. The various schemes include Defense Housing Authority (DHA), Islands mega projects, Coastal Belt projects, Pakistan Army Cantonment Development and other Bahria mega projects.
The satire piece poked fun at the Pakistan government and military by creating a scenario in which CIA director Willaim Burns who is on a visit to the country after meeting with military leadership in Islamabad took efforts to visit Pakistan's former Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) to meet Bahria Town Founder and Chairman Malik Riaz, "the actual, most powerful, man in the country."
Keeping true to journalistic form, the piece also managed to get in a quote by a CIA official commenting on the meeting of Burns with Riaz. "Of course, we'd have gotten any base, anywhere in Pakistan, if we offered the sufficient price, but in Bahria Town we feel we're dealing with the empire that will take over from Askari as the true rulers of Pakistan," the CIA official said.
Elaborating on the concept, the satire said the business tycoon Riaz had specifically prepared an advertisement, which is available exclusively with The Dependent, showing Burns an array of options to set up bases in Bahria Town.
"Build the most luxurious airbases in the Af-Pak region," begins the ad, confirming "possession handing over of first two plots in mid-June 2021".

The ad showcases a majestic drone view focusing on the available plots where the US drones can be set up to ensure that the CIA helps prolong the Afghan War through the comfort of their deluxe living rooms in Bahria Heights.
The ad further shows CGI footage of William Burns and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken driving around Bahria Town Torkham in an M1A2 Abrams with production TUSK explosive reactive armour package installed in the tank.
"International standard weapon manufacturing outlets like Lockheed Martin and Raytheon will give you a sense of war community, and a feeling of being at home. An international standard replica of the US Foreign Service Institute (FSI) will educate your future keeping in mind your ambitions. The Grand Head Quarters, the largest army building in the world, near you will keep the zeal of war alive," the ad adds.
"Bahria Town, where dreams are fulfilled, where lives culminate. Bahria Town, the new identity of Af-Pak geopolitics, the new owners of Pakistan."
Under a conspiracy from Karachi to Kashmor, Bahria Town, DHA City and other mega projects have been initiated on converting the Sindhi people to a minority in the name of Pakistan.
Since April 2021, Bahria Town Karachi has been in media limelight for forcibly occupying land with the town's officials even firing at and manhandling the villagers who've lived there for generations.
There has been immense increase of public support for the villagers and increased discontent with the government, which local media reported appeared to be "more complicit than hapless." (ANI)