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Satirical publication tears into Pakistan's 'desire to be overtaken by China'

ANI | Updated: Jul 21, 2021 16:18 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan] July 21 (ANI): China has been penetrating into Pak's economic and infrastructural roots for the last six years, and now, Beijing is all set to over Pakistan, but only after confirming that this is indeed what Pakistan desires.
These announcements were made from different sources, including state dialogue, political engagement, multiple propagated opinions, and actual events happening between both the countries explains the story, as China confirmed that it is all set and ready to completely dictate its own wises, if Pakistan so wishes, UK media reported.
Beijing, through these sources, conveyed that "Yes, we are about to take over Pakistan with its consent," further adding that the consent has already been 'sought, received, and approved.'
Beijing informs Pakistan what it needs to consent on. But mostly Pakistan has already consented before Beijing completely demands it. "This is something we really we appreciate because it saves them time and energy that would otherwise be spent with needless protocols to go ahead with what is inevitable," a media reported.

Pakistan also confirmed that it had agreed to Chinese plans of practically taking over the country. Islamabad has also agreed with China's version of Pakistan.
In 2015, China announced the 'China Pakistan Economic Corridor' (CPEC) project which is worth USD 46 billion.
With CPEC, Beijing aims to expand its influence in Pakistan and across Central and South Asia in order to counter the influence of the United States and India.

The CPEC would link Pakistan's southern Gwadar port (626 kilometers west of Karachi) in Balochistan on the Arabian Sea to China's western Xinjiang region. It also includes plans to create road, rail, and oil pipeline links to improve connectivity between China and the Middle East. (ANI)