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Seoul City
Seoul City

Seoul will operate self-driving buses in Cheonggyecheon from April next year

ANI | Updated: Nov 25, 2021 10:09 IST

Seoul [South Korea], November 25 (ANI/Global Economic): Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon has announced the 'Seoul Self-driving Vision 2030' plan to speed up the commercialization of self-driving cars by 2026 and build infrastructure throughout Seoul.
The Seoul government is planning to gradually increase commercial autonomous vehicle test areas such as Sangam, Gangnam, Yeouido, and Magok, and will operate self-driving buses in Cheonggyecheon from April next year. In addition, it will establish autonomous driving infrastructure on roads with two or more lanes in Seoul by 2026, and settle self-driving buses as public transportation.
Mayor Oh held a press conference on 'Seoul Self-driving Vision 2030' at the Seoul City Hall on the 24th and said, "Seoul will become a future city living with self-driving transportation in 2030." He also said he will make Seoul one of the top 5 self-driving cities by 2026. To this end, the Seoul government will invest a total of 148.7 billion won over the next 5 years from next year.

The Seoul Self-driving Vision 2030 is a basic plan to become a 'smart transportation city' proposed in the self-driving category of Seoul Vision 2030. Five major tasks of the plan include expanding autonomous vehicle bases, operating self-driving buses in Cheonggyecheon, using self-driving vehicles as public transportation, introducing autonomous driving-based urban management in the public service sector, and building infrastructure in Seoul.
Seoul will gradually increase the number of autonomous vehicle test areas such as Sangam this year, Gangnam next year, Yeouido in 2023, and Magok in 2024, and present more than 300 self-driving vehicle services by 2026. These areas provide various commercial self-driving car services, which are available for citizens to pay fees, such as transportation service apps.
The government will operate more than ten 'Robotaxis (self-driving taxis) in Gangnam-gu as the test area next year. Then it will increase the number of self-driving buses and robotaxis to more than 100 units in 2026. As there is a high demand for short-distance transportation within 3km in Gangnam area, it is also considering replacing shuttle buses with self-driving electric vehicles.
The government is also planning to operate self-driving buses in Cheonggyecheon. The route is from Cheonggye Plaza to Cheonggye 5 Ga, and it will begin operation as early as April next year.
From 2023, self-driving buses will be operated from Hongdae to Sinchon, Jonggak, and Heunginjimun (9.7km), where demand for late-night transportation is high, by using central lane during late-night hours. Prior to passenger cars, the government is planning to apply autonomous driving technology to public transportation first. (ANI/Global Economic)