Sindhi activists staging an anti-Pakistan protest march
Sindhi activists staging an anti-Pakistan protest march

Sindhis call for independence from Pakistan on GM Syed's 115th Birthday

ANI | Updated: Jan 17, 2019 22:53 IST

Sann [Pakistan], Jan 17 (ANI): A large number of Sindhi activists carried out an anti-Pakistan protest march on the 115th birth anniversary of GM Syed, the founder of Sindhudesh movement, in his hometown, Sann.
The activists from Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM) demanded freedom of the Sindh province from Pakistani occupation, the abolition of human rights abuses in Sindh and religious fundamentalism.
Raising slogans against the Pakistan Army, the activists accused them of abducting and killing Sindhi human rights activists and scholars.
Activists claim that a heavy contingent of Pakistani security forces besieged the outskirts of Sann and established checkpoints to harass and restrain Syed's followers from entering the town for two days.
Several arrests were made and dozens of leaders and activists from different cities were abducted in order to stop the political gatherings of various Sindhi nationalist parties to be held on the eve of Syed's birthday.
The banners and flags of Sindhudesh movement were removed from Sann and many surrounding villages and towns were raided to harass the political activists to restrain their activities prior to the celebrations.
However, masses reacted in sheer defiance and came out to commemorate the celebrations of Sayed's birth anniversary. Major political caravans, led by different political parties, were searched and stopped by Pakistan Rangers, the ISI and the Army at the Jamshoro Toll Plaza and Qazi Ahmed- Aamri Bridge to keep them from entering Sann.
However, the caravans were forced to be released later, owing to the growing number of Jeay Sindh activists gathering from all over Sindh.
Hundreds of JSMM activists, led by party's senior leadership, rallied from the outskirts of Sann town and paid a memorial visit to the mausoleums of GM Syed and martyred JSMM leaders Muzafar Bhutto, Rooplo Cholyani, Muneer Cholyani, Afzal Panhwer and Anees Soomro.
The activists laid floral wreaths and recited the national anthem of Sindhudesh. The families of missing and martyred JSMM activists also participated in the rally and political gathering of JSMM.
The political gathering was presided over by exiled JSMM chairman Shafi Burfat via a written message. The JSMM chairman venerated Sayed in his speech and highlighted the ongoing brutal operation of the Pakistani forces in Sindh including imprisonments, enforced disappearances, state torture in secret detention centres and killings of Sindhi political activists.
He condemned the Pakistani designs of radicalizing secular Sindhi society by establishing a web of religious schools, patronised by the Pakistani military, forced exodus of Sindhi Hindus, forced conversions and marriages of Sindhi Hindu girls, economic exploitation and political subjugation of Sindh.
He scathed the idea of the engineered democratic rule in Pakistan and the role of Sindhi feudal class as puppets of the military establishment. He censured Pakistani military establishment for patronising religious extremism and terrorism and sponsoring it across borders in India and Afghanistan.
"Pakistan is the womb and vector of Islamic extremism. Its unnatural existence is a serious threat to world peace. This irresponsible and fragile theocratic state is developing nuclear arsenals which are no less dangerous than the North Korean nukes and will eventually lead to the destruction of the world one day. The world should take serious notice of the Pakistani sponsorship of Global Jihadism and persecution/genocide of secular Sindhi, Baloch, and Pashtun people," he added.
"Pakistan is fooling China by dragging it into its strategic design for the makeup of Greater Punjabistan by promising China of the fulfillment of its long-sought strategic military aggression in the Indian Ocean. The project of CPEC is the veil of this nefarious bilateral design. China must understand the dynamics of political conflict between Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun, PoK occupied nations against imperialist Punjab and must not partner in Punjab's crimes and subjugation against these nations" he said.
He condemned the abduction and enforced disappearance of JSMM's vice chairman, Ramesh Kumar and his two brothers along with dozens of other JSMM activists.
He appealed to the Sindhi nation to demonstrate unity and act responsibly to stand for their freedom from this "filthy theocratic state".
"All Sindhi and Urdu speaking people of Sindh must unite under the banner of shared modern Sindhi identity and strive for the freedom of Sindh from the theocratic fascist imperialist unnatural state of Pakistan," he said.
He also appealed to the UNO, the international community, especially USA, Germany, France, UK, and India to demolish Pakistan for the sake of humanity, regional security and global peace. (ANI)