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Pakistan Police manhandling protesters. Photo/ANI
Pakistan Police manhandling protesters. Photo/ANI

Sindhis hold massive protest in Karachi on the eve of Pakistan's Independence Day

ANI | Updated: Aug 14, 2020 15:34 IST

Karachi [Pakistan], Aug 14 (ANI): Pakistan Police used force to stop the protesters, including family members of the missing persons and human rights activists, outside the Karachi Press Club on the eve of Independence Day.
There are reports that five people were injured in the scuffle with the police.
The Voice for Sindhi Missing Persons and other human rights organisations organised a protest rally to express solidarity with the families of missing persons in Sindh and shouted slogans like "Yeh jo dehshat gardi hai, iske piche vardi hai (The people in uniform are behind these terrorist activities)".

The family members, including the women and children, were seen crying and having an altercation with the police. They were demanding the immediate release of the male members allegedly abducted by the secret agencies.
Many of the children were holding hoardings saying "Save Ashgar Brohi", "Where is My Father" and "Release my father - Shahid Junejo".
Sorath Lohar, a female victim's family member said, "They (Security agencies) barged into the house of Ashgar Brohi and carried out atrocities on him and other family members. They even destroyed the house before taking him along with them".
Suhni Joyo, whose husband Sarang Joyo was abducted said, "They should allow us to meet him and if he is guilty, they should make him appear before the court. You barged into our house like a terrorist and destroyed everything. We know that security agencies are the terrorists".
The protesters marched to the Governor's house and handed over a memorandum seeking the safe release of all abducted Sindhi political activists and others. (ANI)