Hajan Kalhoro, Organizer of World Sindhi Community
Hajan Kalhoro, Organizer of World Sindhi Community

Sindhis join Baloch protest against abductions and killings of youths in Balochistan

ANI | Updated: Oct 07, 2020 00:42 IST

Toronto [Canada], October 7 (ANI): Sindhi activists joined anti-Pakistan protests with the Baloch in Toronto, providing fresh energy to the demonstrations that have been demanding Islamabad to stop abduction and killing of Baloch youths.
They shouted anti-Pakistan slogans and urged Prime Minister Imran Khan government to terminate its military operations in the region that have eliminated dozens of Baloch youths, activists and leaders in just past few weeks.
Balochs are organizing a series of protests across Europe, North America and other prominent cities across the globe highlighting the crimes being committed by Pakistani forces against their community.
They have also urged the international community to intervene in the issue which they say is nothing short of a humanitarian crisis.
Sindhis, who face a similar treatment from Islamabad say they are standing in solidarity with the Baloch.
Hajan Kalhoro, Organizer of World Sindhi Community, Canada said that Pakistani barbarity was only growing with time and this has had implications on entire communities.
"Thousands of Baloch and Sindhis have been abducted and thousands have been extrajudicially tortured and brutally murdered. Hundreds of Baloch people have been thrown in collective graves and everyone in Pakistan and the world knows that who is doing it. The cruelty goes on, doesn't seem to stop. Nightmares, suffering and pain go on for hundreds and thousands of families, relatives, friends, community and the entire society." said Kalhoro.

Pakistan has for years been exploiting the region of its resources. Balochs say they are not given the share they need and deserve.
Baloch people also say that Pakistan has intensified its industrial and infrastructural missions ever since China has entered the region for its CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor). They say both have joined hands in plundering the resources.
Baloch resistance to this exploitation has met a brute retaliation from Pakistan. They have used intimidation and violence as key tools to deter Balochs. And now the region is consistently witnessing a cruel suppression of dissent. Youths are marked, picked and killed.
"Have we committed any crime to face this savagery? We definitely have not. The crime of these finest sons and daughters of Baloch and Sindhi nation is that they demand their historical, political, economic, cultural and human rights. Our only crime is that nature has given us enormous natural resources. In Sindh, they have taken a path of aggressive occupation of our land, resources and jobs. No one dares to stop this illegal, immoral, cruel and atrocious devastation." said Kalhoro.
He accused Pakistani authorities of using the same tactics in both Sindh and Balochistan to muzzle the voices demanding rights, equality and freedom.
Kalhoro said "Destruction of villages, intimidation and humiliation of inhabitants and destruction of the ecosystem around Karachi, there are hundreds of schemes in complete disregard to the people who are historical owners of this land and in the process changing the demography of Sindh. And as if this was not enough, they are on the path of complete colonization of Balochistan and Sindh. The federal government has declared its plan to seize hundreds of thousands of acres of coastal land of Balochistan and Sindh in the name of instituting an unconstitutional coastal development authority."
Balochs regularly hold demonstrations against the government in Pakistan as well but they never get any media attention. Balochs accuse them of giving in to government pressure and exercising self-censorship.
A limited few who have dared to lend their support to Baloch movement have become victims of the government's arbitrary actions.
Balochs say it is the international community that should be taking cognizance of the issue and should subsequently be taking stern action against Pakistan. (ANI)