Sona Mosque
Sona Mosque

Sona Mosque in Bangladesh often finds visitor from West Bengal's Malda district

By Ravi Jalhotra | Updated: Jul 17, 2019 22:49 IST

Dhaka [Bangladesh], July 17 (ANI): A mosque in Bangladesh situated merely one kilometre from the Indian border is often visited from West Bengal's Malda district.
Built during the reign of Sultan Hussain Shah between 1493 and 1519, in the memory of his loving wife Sona after whom the mosque has been named, the medieval structure today stands as a perfect example of the architecture prevalent before the partition of Bengal.
Officials of the Border Security Force (BSF) keep a tight vigil and conduct regular checks of people from the Malda district who come to visit the Sona mosque, thereby helping the local administration in looking after the structure. The regular security checks by the BSF and Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) are done to stop any sort of illegal activity and cross border crimes.
The Archeological Department of Bangladesh has been looking after the medieval structure since the Muslim-majority country achieved freedom in 1971.
Two Bangladeshi soldiers, Captain Mohiyuddin Jahangir and Major Najmul, lost their lives during the 1971 war. In a tribute to the two soldiers, the Bangladesh government constructed a memorial within the premises of the mosque which has now have become a tourist spot. (ANI)