Korea Institute of Materials Science.
Korea Institute of Materials Science.

South Korea: KIMS to develop world's first lightweight stainless steel technology

ANI | Updated: Sep 06, 2021 11:05 IST

Seoul [South Korea], September 6 (ANI/Global Economic): The Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS) under the Ministry of Science and ICT announced on the 3rd that the results of Dr Lee Chang-hoon's team in the steel materials research lab were listed in TOP100 materials selected by 'Scientific Reports.'
Dr Lee's research team was recognized for developing the world's first lightweight stainless steel, which is about 20 per cent lighter than existing stainless steel.
In order to reduce the weight, the research team added 12 per cent of aluminium, which is easily broken, while, they reduced the brittleness of steel by optimizing the number of alloy elements, such as carbon, manganese, and chromium.

In particular, this material produces a thin oxide layer with chromium that enables it to withstand corrosion.
KIMS said that this research can promote the development of steel technology by overcoming corrosion and weight, which are the main disadvantages of existing steel.
"This achievement has set a new scientific and social example of steel technology," said Lee Jung-hwan, director of KIMS. "KIMS will make the effort to contribute to the development of steel technology."
An international science journal 'Scientific Report' selects and publishes the most downloaded papers in each field as the TOP100 list every year. (ANI/Global Economic)