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Syria: Civilian injured in Jinderes terror attack

ANI | Updated: Mar 08, 2018 18:32 IST

Ankara [Turkey], Mar 8 (ANI): One civilian got injured in an attack by the People's Protection Unit (YPG)/Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) terrorist group in northwestern Syria on Thursday.

A group of terrorists attacked a car carrying a Syrian family of three, including a child, near Jinderes in Afrin.

The family was travelling to a village named Deir Ballut, which was cleared of terrorists during Turkey's ongoing, as per Anadolu Agency.

A woman got injured in the attack who was later treated at a city named Hatay in Turkey.

Meanwhile, the Turkish military group Free Syrian Army captured Jinderes town from the terrorists.

The Operation Olive Branch launched on January 20 has been able to neutralise 3,055 terrorists till Thursday.

The Turkish military is further conducting military search air-land operations across Afrin border in Syria.

The PKK and YPG are militant groups which claim to protect the Kurdish-inhabited areas in northern Syria.

The PKK has been listed as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, European Union and the United States. (ANI)