Fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces
Fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces

Syrian Kurds ally with SDF, resume fighting against ISIS

ANI | Updated: Nov 13, 2018 21:19 IST

Sousa (Syria), Nov 13 (ANI): In an attempt to drive out the Islamic State (ISIS) militants from its last remaining strongholds, the Syrian Kurdish forces have resumed the fight in an alliance with the Syrian Arab fighters, together known as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).
The resumption of the fight from the side of Kurdish forces came after a frontline footage of the recent intense fight between the ISIS and the Turkish forces was released by the CNN media, filmed by Brazilian photographer Gabriel Chaim. They launched a joint intense fight for the town of Sousa in late October.
Contentions between the Turkish military and the Syrian Kurds often delayed the final operations against ISIS. But the SDF said in its recent statement said that the operations have finally resumed after "positive calls from our allies to de-escalate and focus the efforts on defeating ISIS, as it would contribute to the stabilization of the area and the benefit of all parties" CNN reported.
The US has long been mediating between Ankara and the SDF to lessen tension to the point where the SDF can focus on ISIS. In addition, Turkey being a NATO member considers the Syrian Kurds as one of the important allies of the US coalition's fight against the ISIS. (ANI)