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Taiwanese defence expert warns against threat from Chinese electronic warfare

ANI | Updated: Nov 06, 2021 22:20 IST

Taipei [Taiwan], November 6 (ANI): Amid China's increased incursions in Taiwan, a defence expert on Saturday warned that electronic warfare is the main threat from Beijing, reported local media.
Su Tzu-yun, a senior analyst at the Institute for National Defence and Security Research (INDSR), said that the type of aircraft China was sending to intrude into Taiwan's air defence identification zone (ADIZ) showed it wanted to control electronic messaging in the war theatre, according to Taiwan News.
Su stressed that Beijing's strategy was to subvert Taiwan's air defence system and gain control over the air.

He also emphasised that Beijing aimed to provide erroneous radar information and launch attacks from the air catching the opposition completely unaware, reported CNA.
The tactic could be tested by sending wrong information about the weather to be captured by weather radars, he added.
Stating that 18 per cent or 99 of the 544 Chinese flights which intruded into Taiwan's ADIZ in January-September this year were operated by aircraft with electronic warfare capabilities, Su said that it included the J-16 jet fighter and versions of the Y-8 and Y-9.
He emphasised that the planes could block enemy communications and also emit misleading information. (ANI)