Taking potshot at Pakistan, Abdullah says Afghanistan has never differentiated between good and bad terrorists

ANI | Updated: Sep 29, 2017 16:34 IST

New Delhi [India], September 29 (ANI):In a veiled attack at Pakistan, Chief Executive of Afghanistan Dr Abdullah Adbullah said that Afghanistan has never differentiated between good and bad terrorists and that his country is facing tremendous challenges, including terrorism but "those who are supporting terrorism should not take pride in that."

"Some countries think Daesh or ISIS is the main threat and terrorism is terrorism but as far as Afghanistan is concerned we have not made differences between terrorist groups and termed them as good and bad,for us terror is terror ," Dr Abdullah said referring indirectly to Pakistan which has been on record in differentiating between good and bad Taliban.

Delivering a lecture on Regional Peace-Building in New Delhi, Dr Abdullah said, terror groups are threatening the security of Afghanistan and it is a big challenge for the whole region.

He said, Afghanistan wants friendly relations with all nations in the region. He said, the relationship between Afghanistan and India has further strengthened in the last 16 yrs and it has made a difference to lives of millions of Afghans. He said, stability and prosperity in Afghanistan is in the interest of the region.In an apparent reference to Pakistan, Dr. Abdullah said terrorism should not be used as an instrument of foreign policy.

Reiterating that there is an opportunity for Pakistan to come together for the stability of the region "Afghanistan is not a threat to its neighbours and will not be as a threat to the neighbourhood .We have extended hands of friendship to all neighbouring countries and certainly we have expected the countries to reciprocate," Dr. Abdullah added.

In an apparent reference to Pakistan, which denies of providing safe-havens to terror groups, the Afghanistan CEO said, ''There are groups which are threatening security of Afghanistan. It's a big challenge for the whole region,it is become evident because the challenges have been identified and different ways and methods are being employed to deal with but denial is another problem as it leads to exaggeration of the problems and thereby deepening of the challenges."

"Afghanistan welcomes the recognition of the rightful role of India as a global player but at the same time in this region it plays a very imminent economic force,it provides an opportunity for all those who are fighting against the stability of the region ,who think that they could come back by force there is a message in it ," Dr. Abdullah said.

"There is a real opportunity, to make all players in this region make the right choices forces of evil in darkness cannot prevail forever but at the same time they can create impediments hurdles hindrances, these are the realities."

The minister further said,''Sacrifices  that our people are making and support we receive from International community and friendly nations like India enabled us to pursue our goals. But in our relations with Pakistan we have some serious challenges".

Dr. Abdullah arrived in New Delhi on Wednesday on a week-long visit during which he held talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj (ANI)