Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid (File Photo)
Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid (File Photo)

Taliban denies reports of appointment of envoy to Pakistan

ANI | Updated: Oct 31, 2021 15:23 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], October 31 (ANI): Taliban have denied the reports of any agreement to reopen the Afghan embassy in Pakistan and the appointment of an envoy to Islamabad.
The acting deputy minister of information and culture, Zabiullah Mujahid said that no agreement has been reached so far on the reopening of the Afghan embassy in Pakistan, reported TOLOnews.
"Such a thing has not been officially approved," TOLOnews quoted Mujahid as saying.
Earlier, the representatives of the Taliban were sent to Pakistan for the operation of the Afghan embassy and consulate, reported the news channel citing an agency.
Notably, no country in the world has given official recognition to the Taliban so far.

With the relation between the previous Afghan government and the Taliban getting soured over the allegation of abduction of the daughter of Afghanistan's previous ambassador to Pakistan, the political analysts lay their empty hopes on the Taliban to get the government official recognition.
"Not only Pakistan but also other countries will soon form relations with the foreign ministry of Afghanistan, and the fact that the regional countries have not closed their embassies in Afghanistan is a sign of tacit recognition," TOLOnews quoted political analyst Abdul Satar Saadat as saying.
Such hopes of the Taliban and sympathisers were doomed when Russia's envoy to the United Nations emphasised their decision of not recognising the Taliban until the fulfillment of all of its commitments.
"The issue of recognition rises at the time when the international community is assured that the promises and commitments made by the Taliban will be fulfilled," the news channel quoted Russia's ambassador to the United Nations, Wesley Nebenzia as saying.
Interestingly, the UN has not accepted the nomination of the ambassador of the Taliban to the UN, Suhail Shaheen in a general summit in New York, adding further to the embarrassment of the Taliban. (ANI)