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Taliban leadership has zero credibility for Women's rights: Human Rights Watch

ANI | Updated: May 21, 2022 09:05 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], May 21 (ANI): Associate women's rights director and former senior Afghanistan researcher at Human Rights Watch, Heather Barr, highlighted Taliban's vicious remarks against Afghan women, calling out the organization's growing atrocities, in a tweet on Friday.
Taking to Twitter, she said, "Everyone from Taliban leadership has zero credibility on women's rights," recalling the human rights violation taking place in Afghanistan.
"They made representations about their supposed respect for women and girls when taking power. Every day after there was a new crackdown on women & that continued to intensify over time," she added, continuing the thread.
The Islamic Emirate has been facing criticism inside and outside Afghanistan for imposing restrictions on women.
2021 has been the worst year for the Afghan women as the Taliban after assuming control of Afghanistan have rolled back access to their right to education and work, however, also snatched it later for an indefinite period of time.
Barr, in a statement earlier also referred to the international community and said that it "didn't do much" to protect Afghan women.
Afghan women are staring at a bleak future due to a number of restrictions imposed by the Taliban governing aspects of their lives within ten months of Afghanistan's takeover. Women are no longer allowed to travel unless accompanied by men related to them and are being curtailed from wearing make-up as well as their reproductive rights.
Unrecognized by most of the international community, the Taliban-led government has committed to disrespecting the human rights of women. (ANI)