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Taliban terrorists exported to Afghanistan from Pakistan, says Pasthun leader

ANI | Updated: Jul 13, 2021 20:54 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan], July 13 (ANI): Pakistani lawmaker Mohsin Dawar has launched a tirade against the country's establishment for its support to Taliban, stating that President Arif Alvi and government officials openly admit Islamabad's role in Afghanistan and exporting terrorists to the war-torn country.
Speaking in the Pakistan National Assembly on Monday, independent MNA Mohsin Dawar said the Taliban are Pakistan's favourites in Afghanistan.
"Taliban are exported to Afghanistan from here while the FM and President justify Amrullah Saleh's claims about Pakistan's role in Afghanistan with their statements. Dead bodies of Taliban fighters are brought back to Pakistan for burial. Taliban continue being supported openly," Dawar tweeted, sharing a clip of his remarks in the National Assembly.
During his address, Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) leader Dawar criticised Pakistan President Arif Alvi for his remarks that Pakistan hopes that the Taliban and their countrymen find peace and healing. Dawar said that making such statements is like launching an attack on the neighbouring country.
"You are supporting the terror group against which Afghan forces are fighting. Dead bodies of Taliban fighters are brought back to Pakistan for burial. Taliban continue being supported openly," he said
"When we raise the issue of Taliban terrorists being exported to Afghanistan, the Pakistan officials say that we are echoing Afghan First Vice president Amrullah Saleh's views. However, the truth is that Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and President Arif Alvi are the ones who are proving Saleh's claims through their statements," he added.
He said that the country's policy towards Afghanistan had not changed. "We have paid a heavy price for our wrong policies towards Afghanistan in the past," he said.

"Terrorists are gathering again in the tribal districts and they are not being stopped. There is no debate in the house to prevent terrorism. It is being said that we do not support any party in Afghanistan then who is broadcasting on TV channels that Afghanistan is occupied by Taliban?" he questioned.
Afghanistan is witnessing a surge in violence as the Taliban has intensified its offensive against civilians and Afghan defence and security forces as foreign forces are withdrawing from the war-torn country.
As the Taliban have taken control of several districts across the country, US intelligence assessments have suggested the country's civilian government could fall to the terror group within months of US forces withdrawing.
Afghan officials have accused Pakistan of extending support to Taliban terrorists and providing safe haven to them.
Pakistan has denied these claims despite overwhelming evidence to prove otherwise.
Additionally, Pakistan ministers and officials, then and now, issue statements proving that Pakistan host and support the Taliban.
Recently, Pakistan interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said families of Afghanistan's Taliban live in his country, including in the capital city of Islamabad, and sometimes the members of the insurgent outfit are treated in local hospitals. (ANI)