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Chinese President Xi Jinping ( File Photo)
Chinese President Xi Jinping ( File Photo)

The third edition of book carrying Xi's insights on military work published

ANI | Updated: Jun 09, 2022 18:50 IST

Beijing [China], June 9 (ANI): The third volume of a compilation of Chinese President Xi Jinping's discourses on strengthening and rejuvenating the armed forces has been published in order to "help all officers and soldiers."
The book titled "Xi Jinping's on Strengthening the Army and Rejuvenating the Army (3)" was published on June 7.
As authorized by the Central Military Commission, the commission's Political Work Department organized the compilation and publication of the book, which presents Xi's insights about military work.
Xi is also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission.
China's armed forces are urged to study the book to fully understand its essence so that all military officers and soldiers will be loyal to the Party and the people, and strive to make the armed forces even stronger, according to a circular issued recently by the Central Military Commission, China Daily reported.
Leading military officers should take the lead in studying the book and guide other officers and soldiers in the learning process, and put the theories into practice in order to constantly open up new prospects for strengthening combat readiness, the circular said.
The first part was published in June 2017 and the second part was published in October 2019. (ANI)

This year in March, two books on the studies and the practice of Chinese President Xi Jinping's economic thought have been published in the country, according to local media.
These books were published for nationwide distribution by the publishing house of Economic Daily, Xinhua News Agency has reported.
One of the books is an anthology of theoretical articles of domestic and foreign experts released by the paper in 2021 to elaborate on Xi's economic thought.
The other collects the paper's in-depth research reports last year on the implementation of the economic thought across China.
The articles and reports present the theoretical value and practical power of Xi's economic thought and have received wide attention of people from all walks of life, as per the Xinhua.
Earlier in February, an article by Chinese President Xi Jinping on socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics has stressed strengthening the legislations in key areas including national sovereignty and security, innovation, digital economy and artificial intelligence.
The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) flagship magazine "Qiushi" has carried an article titled "Socialist Rule of Law with Chinese Characteristics", authored by the President also talks about strengthening legislations in areas public health, bio-security, ecological civilization, risk prevention, big data and cloud computing.
Xinhua News Agency had reported that the article will be published on February 16. (ANI)