Three scholars awarded Japan's highest private award

ANI | Updated: Nov 17, 2017 23:19 IST

Kyoto [Japan], November 17 (ANI): Three scholars have been awarded Japan's highest private award for global achievement called the Kyoto Prize, in recognition of their great achievements in the fields of advanced technology, basic science, and arts, respectively.

This international prize has been presented annually since 1985 by Inamori Foundation, to encourage individuals who have contributed significantly to science, basic sciences, and arts, philosophy and culture.

Japanese engineer and researcher Dr. Takashi Mimura was awarded the Kyoto Prize in advanced technology for his "invention of the High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT)".

The Kyoto Prize in Basic Sciences was given to Australian plant physiologist Graham Farquhar.

Richard Taruskin, a musicologist from the United States, won the Kyoto Prize in Arts and Philosophy.

Sam (Shigeyuki) Kitani, an official of Kyocera Corporation said, "The management philosophy of Inamori is well known throughout the world and more than 40 works about his management style and philosophy have been translated worldwide. Recently, his management style and philosophy have been translated into Thai, Vietnamese and other Asian languages. Naturally, his Asian way of thinking is familiar for the people of these countries and is supported by the people in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations".

Hayato Takenouchi of Inamori Foundation said, "For example, Nobel Prize was created based on the will of Alfred Nobel. In the same way, Inamori's philosophy is reflected in the Kyoto Prize. Winners are selected based on their philosophy "To contribute to the world is the best action of a human being".

The 33rd Kyoto Prize was hosted by the Inamori Foundation. (ANI)