Projection mapping of artistic image of summer icons
Projection mapping of artistic image of summer icons

Tokyo city hosts an array of summer activities to attract tourists

ANI | Updated: Aug 26, 2018 16:02 IST

Yokohama[Japan], August 26 (ANI): This summer season in Japan is full of unique events, mainly aiming to help people feel cool and beat the heat. Since Edo period around three hundred years ago, Nihonbashi area in the heart of Tokyo was staged for such events, and even now the event is going on under the name "ECO EDO NIHONBASHI".
Aya Bushimata from Mitsui Fudosan said, "Wisdom for everyday life from the Edo period in Nihonbashi is our main concept this time. People can enjoy the sound of wind chimes, and use the fan as modern style. We want people to enjoy this event by seeing, hearing, and all the other five senses."
Goldfish is known as a symbol of Japan's summer season and is the point of focus of ECO EDO NIHONBASHI ART AQUARIUM. The lined-up artistic water tanks are decorated with original Japanese motifs, lively display of dancing goldfishes and Koi carps creates fantastic ambience.
This is the underwater artwork. People in the late Edo period of Japan felt cooler by watching them in the summer, and they came to represent the season. Even today, Japanese associate goldfish with the summer season. This exhibition is making summer event more exciting for many types of visitors. One of the visitors stated, "My image of goldfishes has just changed since I came to this art aquarium. The way they display goldfishes artistically is just amazing. I would love to come back other time again." While another patron said "I think that projection mapping represents fantastical images of goldfish very well. It is amazing."
The Projection mapping shows the artistic image of these summer icons. Also, Goldfishes are even seeing outside. Visitors can find a section for stylish gifts and items which are adjusted to summer season like the variety of foods in stylish and cute goldfish design along with unique goods and foods. The culture of Japan changes summer heat into entertainment and pleasure while adding colour to people's lives.(ANI)