Tuna fish auction at the  Toyosu market in Tokyo, Japan
Tuna fish auction at the Toyosu market in Tokyo, Japan

Toyosu market in Tokyo introduces to famous Tuna fish auction

ANI | Updated: Jan 28, 2019 19:14 IST

Tokyo [Japan], Jan 28 (ANI): The Toyosu market, a gateway to the food market located in the Japanese capital, not only attracts lots of tourists from across the world for its famous Tuna fish auction but is also famed for its observation deck which offers visitors a glimpse into the energetic trading by merchants.
The sound of the bell, in the early morning, declares the start of the auction. Since the Toyosu market separated from Tsukiji market in October last year, it has seen the constant upsurge in activities.
In the “Fisheries Wholesale Market Building” of the market, domestic and foreign fisheries are gathered and traded.
Inside the Toyosu market, there is a special public observation course with glass windows where people can observe merchants trading.
In January this year, the new tuna auction observation deck was opened for visitors for the first time.
The observation glass deck is intended for control food hygiene management unlike previous open Tsukiji market. Still, visitors can hear the sound of bell and dashing cheer.
“Tuna market in Japan is very famous and professional. We are very interested to see how they proceed with the procedure and how they treat the Tuna. It is very exciting to see right in front,” a tourist from Hong Kong said.
Inside the "Fruit and Vegetables Building" of the market, there is a wholesale market that handles domestic imported vegetables and fruits. Also, there are intermediate wholesale shops where restaurants and local vendors can purchase items.
A lot of quality vegetables and fruits are gathered here from all over the world. There is also an observation deck provided here, and people can overlook the wholesale space.
“In Tsukiji Market, there were no observations facilities like here before.  And there was a problem of food hygiene management because visitors came directly to the selling area. Since we moved to Toyosu Market, we have set observation deck so people can observe the atmosphere of selling area without the problem of food hygiene management.
"Everyone can apply to book via the internet for this Tuna Auction Observation Deck and it accepts up to 120 people a day. If it exceeds, we will hold lottery. Please visit and enjoy this observation deck with the great atmosphere,” said Vice Director of Tohosu Market, Hiroyuki Kashiwabara.
Toyosu market has received high reputation for hygiene management. In addition to that, we would like to promote this market among people concerned in the industry,” Kashiwabara added. (ANI)