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Transgenders live life of misery in Pakistan

ANI | Updated: Jul 27, 2021 22:42 IST

Islamabad [Kabul] July 27 (ANI): Transgenders in Pakistan continue to live a life of misery in the country where they are treated as lesser beings and violence against them remains unabated.
According to Pakistan's Transgender Association, at least 73 members of the transgender community have been killed since 2015. The body has demanded strict legal action by the state.
Pakistan is a signatory to various international conventions that demand an end to all sorts of violence and discrimination in their community. Yet, the government has not made substantial arrangements for their security and socio-economic development at par with the rest of the other two genders, the Pakistan Daily reported.
"Forced marriages, physical and emotional torture are common forms of abuse against the transgender community in Pakistan, recorded in studies done by various organizations. The worst thing is if police arrest perpetrators of violence, the victim's family tend to forgive them in return for money," said Saro Imran, a transgender activist running a community-based organization in Pakistan.
Due to the government's incompetency, there are very few schools and educational institutions for the transgender community as the enrolment of transgender persons in mainstream schools is negligible as these schools do not provide a third gender option in the admission certificate.

With less education and underprivileged social treatment at workplaces, transgender persons become victims of violence such as sexual abuse, rape, financial marginalization, murder, torture, or involve themselves in taking drugs or alcohol in order to escape misery, the Pakistan Daily reported.
In the past few years, the country has also seen an increase in the number of transgender individuals who are murdered by their family members due to their alleged participation in weddings.
The transgender community faces discrimination and killings regularly that restrict their movements as free citizens of the country, these people are devoid of their basic human rights including the right to life, right to education and right to have equal job opportunities as well.
"The authorities must take serious steps to investigate these brutal attacks and killings. Ensuring justice and accountability for the violence perpetrated against transgender people in Pakistan will send a signal that such acts will not be tolerated against any community, said Josef Benedict, CIVICUS Asia-Pacific civic space researcher.
The Pakistan government has recognised social status of transgenders but it has helped a little to improve their misery. (ANI)