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USA welcomes India reinvigorating ties with Maldives

ANI | Updated: Dec 20, 2018 06:35 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Dec 20 (ANI): The USA welcomed "reinvigorating" ties between India and the Maldives, underscoring the convergence of India's and the USA's views on the Maldives' "critical role in the security of the Indo-Pacific".
David Ranz, the Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) of the US Department of State made the statement after returning from the Maldives.
He said, "Maldives occupies a very important geostrategic position in the Indo-Pacific given the volume of trade that transits through the sea lanes it sits astride. With its recent return to a democratic path, we see the Maldives as a country that can tap the initiatives we are rolling out across the Indo-Pacific and become a valuable partner in realizing a secure, strong, and prosperous Indo-Pacific region."
He further remarked, "We...note the many positive announcements that came out of Prime Minister Solih's recent visit to India. India shares our view of Maldives' critical role in the security of the Indo-Pacific and the importance of offering support during this transition period."
The election of Maldivian President Ibrahim Solih and subsequent peaceful transition of power was a major democratic moment and one that the United States views as profoundly significant for the broader region.
The purpose of the visit was to examine ways to expand US partnership with the Maldives in pursuit of a free and open Indo-Pacific, including how the United States can be supportive during Maldives critical transition period.
Earlier, the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs, Alice Wells had visited Male as the first high-level visitor to the Maldives from the Trump administration and met with then President-elect Solih. (ANI)