Vatican: Pope Francis calls for world peace during annual Easter address

ANI | Updated: Apr 01, 2018 19:52 IST

Vatican City April 1 (ANI): Pope Francis of the Vatican City called for peace in war-struck Gaza and also in the Korean peninsula during his Easter address on Sunday.

The Pope while condemning the Gaza-Palestine clashes two days after they took place at the Israel-Gaza border, said the conflict "does not spare the defenceless", as reported by an Irish-based media group.

The message was delivered in the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica to a large number of listeners who had gathered to celebrate Easter mass.

The Pope appealed to end the Syria War while calling for a humanitarian aid for the Syrian nationals while advocating for peace in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo both of which are facing civil war and its after-effects from a long time.

He asked for peace for "the entire world, beginning with the beloved and long-suffering land of Syria, whose people are worn down by an apparently endless war."

This comes a day after the Syrian army command said to regain most of the towns at Eastern Ghouta.

Francis called for international assistance for Venezuela so that more people would not have to abandon their homeland because of the economic and political crisis.

Venezuela had witnessed massive public protests in favour of the restoration of democracy in the country against its current President and army chief Nicolas Maduro.

Last year, Venezuela also witnessed its worst economic crisis when people protested in huge numbers against food shortage, hyperinflation, and declining oil production. Its foreign exchange reserves also collapsed, causing the country's economy to collapse completely.

Further Pope Francis hailed the on-going dialogue between the South and North Korea on the lines of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

He hoped the "fruits of dialogue" would advance peace and harmony on the Korean peninsula, where the two sides are set to hold their first summit.

This was the sixth Easter address by Pope Francis in the Vatican City after being appointed to the position in 2013. (ANI)