Nepali villagers struggle to keep the age-old tradition of bullfighting alive in Nepal
Nepali villagers struggle to keep the age-old tradition of bullfighting alive in Nepal

Villagers struggle to keep age-old bullfighting tradition alive in Nepal

ANI | Updated: Jan 15, 2019 23:11 IST

Nuwakot [Nepal], Jan 15(ANI): The district of Nuwakot in Central Nepal draws a large number of revellers every year in mid-January as it hosts the annual festival of bullfighting that has a historical background dating back to over two centuries.
This 226 years old tradition is organised annually and is still continued and maintained by the villagers themselves.
"It's been about 10 years that I have been bringing my bull to take part in the fighting. I have got no support from anywhere and have been rearing it on my own expenses, the corn, fodders of high qualities, flours are required because of which the expenses are very high. The Government pays no attention, so, I have been feeding it from my expenses, as it requires to be properly fed and requires immense care. It is cheerful and attractive for the revellers, but also hard for us at the same time, to keep the tradition going on," Babul Tamang, one of the bull owners taking part in the annual bull-taming festival told ANI.
The bullfighting which dates back to 1887, was introduced by the then Prince of Bajhang, Jay Prithivi Bahadur Singh, entirely for entertainment purpose during his visit to maternal uncle's house. Since then the locals of the Taruka Village, who are highly esteemed for the bullfighting, has continued the tradition over the years.
The first day of the 10th month as per the lunar calendar, also known as 'Magh' is noted with the feast of molasses and eateries, but the district of Nuwakot, located about 75 kilometres away from Kathmandu, marks it with the bullfighting.
"Firstly, the roadways should be upgraded, as it is too dusty and not even gravelled. Second, the venue for the taming of the bulls also isn't well managed. The organisers might not have paid much interest over it," Bibek Bidari, who came all the way to Taruka from Dhading district complained.
But the Nepal government on the other side has never stopped expressing its promises with the people which has been implemented yet.
"We have been making attempts to manage the ground for hosting the event, manage the roads and the infrastructures here. The local government, regional government and the federal government is formulating the plans. We should express our satisfaction over the things which we incumbently have because these arrangements also are possible on our reluctant efforts," the elected member of the District Narayan Khatiwada said while addressing the event.
The annual festival of bull taming in Nepal gives a reflection of the "Jallikattu" in Tamil Nadu, India and the bullfighting tradition of Spain.
The victory over Tibet by Nepal initiated the annual celebration of the bullfighting in the Betrawati, where 10 pair of bulls fought to mark the day.
The bull owners in this place rare and care the bulls throughout the year and bring them for the fighting to show the strength and the might of their reared bulls. Apart from the preservation of the traditional culture in the Himalayan nation with vivid cultural diversities it also has been contributing to the tourism development of the area. (ANI)