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Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova (File Photo)
Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova (File Photo)

West using Ukraine as instrument of advancing regional interests: Russia

ANI | Updated: Jan 24, 2022 05:27 IST

Moscow [Russia], January 24 (ANI): Amid the ongoing tensions at the Ukraine border, Russia on Sunday accused the West of using Kiev as an instrument in order to advance its own interests in the region and influence certain processes.
This comes as several countries, led by the US, have accused Russia of amassing troops near the Ukrainian border in alleged preparation for an invasion. Moscow has said that it has no intention of invading Ukraine while stressing that it has the right to move forces within its own territory.
"Ukraine is perceived by the West as an instrument of influence, of carrying out its interests in the region, destabilizing the situation, endlessly accusing us [Russia]," said the Russian Foreign Ministry's spokesperson Maria Zakharova in an interview with the Izvestia newspaper.

Zakharova emphasized that Western countries need reasons to constantly justify anti-Russian sanctions and are using Ukraine in that respect despite the fact that there is no evidence of any plans to Russian "aggression."
"So they took Ukraine as a platform for experiments, the unfortunate Ukrainian people - multinational, by the way," Zakharova was quoted as saying by Sputnik.
She also reiterated that Moscow is waiting for a response from the US to its proposals on security guarantees.
"We have submitted written proposals to our Western partners, first of all the United States. We have been very open in our actions ... Now we have responded immediately to their desire to hold some kind of clarification meeting. It was held despite the schedule... We are showing absolute cooperation, we are waiting for written answers to each of the points," Zakharova told Izvestia. (ANI)