"Women are Pak's favourite tool to silence dissidents"

ANI | Updated: Dec 31, 2017 08:32 IST

Vancouver [Canada], December 31 (ANI): The head of the World Baloch Women Forum (WBWF), Prof Naela Quadri Baloch has stated that "Violation of women is Pakistan's favourite tool to silence dissidents at home and "unfortunately, the Baloch story and sufferings are lost in the crevices of geopolitics and grand strategy."

"Over the past seven decades, the Baloch of Pakistan have suffered all imaginable crimes against humanity including the dishonour of women. Baloch women have suffered doubly, running their households in the absence of their menfolk and suffering abduction, torture, rape, and murder at the hands of the Pakistan army," she, wrote in a statement.

"Until 1971, we were not the only targets of Pakistan's army, though. Our Bangladeshi sisters suffered equally, if not more than us. Their story is well-documented and better known in the rest of the world as Bangladesh was fortunate to secede from the genocidal Pakistanis state," she added.

Referring to the ill treatment of the wife and mother of Kulbhushan Jadhav, during the meeting, on December 25 in Pakistan, the Baloch activist, wrote, "Last week the world got a glimpse of what we live through on a daily basis in Pakistan."

Prof Naela expressed that the wife and mother of Kulbhushan Jadhav, an Indian national kidnapped from Iran and falsely accused of spying, came to meet him in Pakistan.

"What happened was perhaps unexpected for Indians and people in other civilised societies, but was nothing out of order for the depraved Pakistani state. Abandoned by the world, perhaps no one knows better than us what it means to suffer indignities at the hands of the authorities in Pakistan," she said.

"The Jadhav family was humiliated at each and every step and their religious and cultural beliefs were trampled upon by the Pakistani government. All this happened despite the fact that the visitors were accompanied by a senior Indian diplomat," she added.

Underscoring that "Baloch mothers and sisters empathise with the Jadhav family" and also "condemn Pakistan's depravity in the strongest possible terms," Prof Naela said, "Pakistan continues to shock civilised societies across the world with its medieval barbarism. But the world community has to understand that abduction, rape, torture, murder, exploitation, and loot is the only mode of interaction between the Pakistani state and people."

"Hopefully, India and the world will wake up after this incident, assuming yet another reminder was needed after all these years, and isolate Pakistan from the international community. The sooner the artificial state of Pakistan is dismantled the better for its people and the whole world. Otherwise Pakistan will continue to blackmail the rest of the world using its nuclear weapons," she added. (ANI)