Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong
Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong

Won't let external forces interfere in Hong Kong affairs, says Chinese envoy to India

By Sahil Pandey (ANI) | Updated: Sep 04, 2019 07:29 IST

New Delhi [India], Sep 4 (ANI): Calling the issue Beijing's internal matter, new Chinese Ambassador to India, Sun Weidong, on Tuesday said that his country would not let any external forces to interfere in the Hong Kong affairs.
"Hong Kong affair is purely China's internal affair and it is a fact recognised internationally. There is no sovereignty issue over Hong Kong at all. We will not let any external forces to interfere in Hong Kong affairs or draw parallel to other issues," Weidong said while addressing a gathering here.
In an apparent reference to the US, the diplomat said that "certain countries" are provoking trade friction with China and openly interfering in its affairs. "We resolutely oppose and firmly defend our legitimate interests. We are willing to handle differences on the basis of mutual respect and resolve issues through dialogue and negotiation."
Hong Kong has witnessed more than two months of anti-government protests, which began with a now-suspended extradition bill, but broadened to include the calls for democracy and police accountability.
The envoy also hinted towards the future dimensions of Indo-Chinese relationship, which are based on four dimensions, namely, Leading, Transmitting, Shaping and Integrating.
Expanding on the same, the he said, "Leading means to make the second informal summit by highlighting the guidance of two leaders. Transiting means the transmission of leader consensus to all the levels. Shaping means going beyond the mood of managing differences by shaping bilateral relationship and to accumulate positive momentum, and lastly, Integrating means the convergence of interests and achieve common development."
China appointed veteran diplomat Sun Weidong as its new Ambassador to India, in place of Luo Zhaohui, who was recently promoted to the post of Vice Foreign Minister.
Sun served as the Director-General in China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Policy Planning Department before being appointed to the current post. He has also held the post of China's Ambassador to Pakistan and holds expertise in the South Asian region. (ANI)