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World Sindhi Congress submitting petition to British PM (Image Credit: WSC FB post)
World Sindhi Congress submitting petition to British PM (Image Credit: WSC FB post)

World Sindhi Congress holds protest in UK against enforced disappearances cases

ANI | Updated: Feb 21, 2023 05:39 IST

London [UK], February 21 (ANI): The World Sindhi Congress held a large protest in the United Kingdom against the enforced disappearances of Sindhi and Baloch, including Majid Haidari, Irfan Zharani, Ayub Kandhara, Insaf Dayo, Kashif Taghar, Sohail Raza Bhatti, according to the World Sindhi Congress' post on Facebook.
The WSC on Sunday demanded the Pakistan government stop the enforced disappearances and release all the missing.
The WSC delegation also submitted a petition to the British Prime Minister requesting him to press upon Pakistan to stop enforced appearances of Sindhi people and release all the missing persons, the Facebook post read.
Earlier, on Saturday, Baloch National Movement UK held a protest in front of London's Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at 10 Downing Street against the rising cases of enforced disappearances of Baloch people, according to local media.
The year 2022 was a dreadful year for Balochistan as the forcibly disappeared record touched 629, extrajudicially killed 195 and tortured 187 people, according to the annual report released by Paank, the human rights organization of the Baloch National Movement.
The report highlights the human rights situation throughout the year with infographics. According to this, in January 2022, there were 92 forced disappearances, 15 murders and one person was tortured by the Pakistan army.
95 enforced disappearances, 42 murders and 5 tortures cases were reported in February. In March, 62 people went into forced disappearance, 19 were killed, and 6 were tortured.50 enforced disappearances, 39 murders and 18 tortures were reported in April, added the report.

According to Paank, 187 forcibly disappeared people were released from the torture cells of the Pakistani army last year.
61 enforced disappearances, 5 murders and 22 tortures were reported in May. In June, 26 people forcibly disappeared, and 11 people were murdered. In July, 46 people forcibly disappeared, 16 were killed, and 28 were tortured.
55 forced disappearances, 5 murders and 37 tortures were reported in August. On September, 30 forced disappearances, 02 murders and 19 people were tortured.
In October, 38 people forcibly disappeared, 15 were killed, and 18 were tortured. In November, 36 people forcibly disappeared, 23 were killed, and 14 were tortured.38 enforced disappearances,2 murders and 19 people were tortured in December 2022, said the annual report of Paank.
The report said that the year 2022 was full of human tragedy in Balochistan with mass punishment, forced disappearances, murders, massacres and violence.
Counter-Terrorism Department and Frontier Corps under the Pakistan army subjected hundreds of Balochs including women and children to enforced disappearance, collective punishment, killing in fake encounters and torture in various areas in Balochistan and Sindh, added the report.
According to Paank, the families of the victims of forced disappearance by the army are suffering from political isolation to compete with the military force in Balochistan. (ANI)