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Xi focuses on military modernisation to dominate Indo-Pacific to counter Quad, AUKUS: Report

ANI | Updated: Jan 08, 2022 18:33 IST

Beijing [China], January 8 (ANI): Chinese President Xi Jinping is focusing on the military modernisation of the country to dominate the Indo-Pacific region amid the growing presence of the US with Quad and AUKUS alliances in the region and Washington's promises to stand with Taiwan against Beijing's aggression, a media report said.
Xi is focusing on military integration and modernization in the new year in the context of the growing American presence in the Indo-Pacific region in the form of the Quad and Aukus alliances and the assertion of the United States that it will not be a silent spectator to China's aggression over Taiwan, reported The Singapore Post.
With the mobilisation of the armed forces, the Central Military Commission's chief Xi Jinping made the first order of 2022. A similar order was released last year by China to modernise PLA.
Analysts interpret this in terms of Chinese characteristics of the Xi era thus: "He is also reshaping Chinese identity by pivoting on the Chinese imperial past and bringing back Confucian wisdom in the mainstream narrative, even though the Communist Party has destroyed all that came before it in order to build a new China", according to The Singapore Post.

Xi Jinping remains to be completely focused on the mobilisation of the forces along with sinicization of religion, the reunification of Taiwan with the mainland and reinforcing Chinese domination over the politics and demographics of the Indo-Pacific and the South China Sea regions as these are the four corners of the Chinese President's eastern push.
The military modernisation order could be also given by China as Xi Jinping and his team could be under pressure due to the growing US presence in the Indo-Pacific. Therefore, China requires to outmatch the US military sooner than anticipated, said military experts.
Beijing has realised this therefore it continues to make aggressive military exercises near Taiwanese airspace aimed at both cautioning Taiwan as well as sending a signal to the US naval forces.
The mobilisation order also points to that when China would be ready for its Taiwan campaign. There is no consensus on the subject other than the general agreement on two things. One, there will be no offensive in 2022 at least because Xi's intention to stay on as party boss for a third term and perhaps for life will fructify at the 20th party congress this October. Only after that will he be able to consolidate his position and plan future operations, said The Singapore Post. (ANI)