Yokohama city hosts summer dance event
Yokohama city hosts summer dance event

Yokohama city hosts summer dance event

ANI | Updated: Oct 21, 2021 14:15 IST

Yokohama [Japan], October 21 (ANI): Japan's Yokohama is an exciting and lively city. Recently, it hosted a three-month-long "Dance Dance Dance" event which concluded recently.
The event is held every three years as a symbolic dance event and Yokohama is filled with the energy of artists.
During the event, every day new participants gather to show their amazing performances on the stage.
They are beyond the borders of age, gender, nationality, disabled, professional and even amateurs.
Dance stages were set in various open areas such as commerce facility, shopping street, station square and so on.
Toshiki Tsuchida, organizing member, Yokohama art festival (Translation) said that due to the coronavirus pandemic, artists who have few places to be active can perform, and citizen dancers who have no place to dance can also perform, and the audience enjoy it, and even dancers will show their best.

The program "Yokohama Bayside Ballet" performed classical ballet at night on a special outdoor stage. The classical ballet was enjoyed against the background of night view of Yokohama.
Yokohama city enhances and cultivates the rich creativity and artistic ability of children. It provides dance teachers for the school dance activities and organizes workshops to study dance techniques for the children.
In a special performance, a group of people with hearing disabilities and normal artists performed a dance with sign language. They spread happiness beyond borders.
A group of professional freestyle football performers mesmerized the audience.
Marco Cub, a performer said, "We think it was fun and interesting for visitors; I would like them to take this opportunity to practice with a soccer ball, so they think about it and play. That will make the world feel better."
Toshiki Tsuchida also said that Yokohama is a port city, which has embraced various people and cultures. The idea of performing all kinds of dances, including ballet, contemporary dance and street dance sends a message of tolerance and inclusiveness. "We are all excited together while dancing in Yokohama, so please come to Yokohama," Toshiki said.
Dance events during summers in Yokohama are supported with enthusiasm and spread the message of creativity. (ANI)