A visual from the night festival in Yokohama, Japan. Photo/ANI
A visual from the night festival in Yokohama, Japan. Photo/ANI

Yokohama city organises night festival

ANI | Updated: Dec 24, 2019 21:42 IST

Yokohama [Japan], Dec 24 (ANI): The coastal Japanese city of Yokohama was embellished with lights and scenic decorations as a night festival was organised in the city.
The tourists and the local residents enjoyed the colourful evenings which started in November and conclude by December end.
Special performances consisting of illumination and searchlight around Shinko Chuo Hiroba (Shinko Central Square) and on the wall of the surrounding building are being held four times a day.
"We eat while walking in the day time, and at night we can find this beautiful illumination. Spending a whole day here is very joyful," a visitor said.
The event offers special performance using technology called "WebAR" which overlaps digital image on a real-life background shown in a smartphone camera to expand the world before the eyes of visitors.
Seiichi Saito, an art creator, said: "Night Sync is the name we chose and we used the word "Sync" to emphasize how all facilities and buildings in the city can be harmonised as one performance to achieve this program at night."
"However, Sync is not limited to only music and light performance, but I think gradually we can collaborate with another type of art," Saito added.
Yokohama is the first harbour city in Japan and it has been vigorously acquiring new culture and information from foreign countries and introducing Japan everything--from food to wide range of culture-- which entitles the city as the birthplace of Japan's modern culture.
"We actually saw it from our hotel room and we thought what's going on below and we decided to come here and take a look," said a visitor.
Various visual contents using projection and sensing technology are being played on the Shinko Chuo Hiroba main stage in the city. (ANI)