Dancers in Yokohama city
Dancers in Yokohama city

Yokohama city organises summer dance fest

ANI | Updated: Sep 01, 2018 16:57 IST

Yokohama [Japan], Sept 1 (ANI): Yokohama is known as a port city full of joy and an energetic atmosphere. For hundreds of years, Yokohama has been a major trading hub between Japan and the world and helped to introduce many new cultures to Japan.
A dance festival "Yokohama Dance Paradise" is held once every three years. Dance stages in commercial facilities, shopping streets, station squares and parks around Yokohama last for around two months.
Professional dancers from dance schools as well as armature dance groups perform on the temporary stages. About 4,000 dancers are participating in this year's event.
A dancer said, "I was nervous because there were so many spectators, but I was so excited that I was able to dance the best I could."
Another dancer added, "I am very happy that the audience can see my dance and know the joy of dance."
The members of the dance team are deaf. They synchronise their dance by looking at the fingertips of the team director to create a rhythm. Hip-hop dance is popular among children. Contemporary dancers express their theme by dance. Everyone can enjoy dance regardless of the type, age, sex, or disability.
Shinji Oro of Yokohama Arts Festival said, "Asia is a very large region with a variety of tradition and dance culture. We want to make connections through dance. Dance is the art of communication that connects people by changing their perspective. I hope that people of Asia will be able to connect through dance. We would like everyone to dance with us and enjoy the scenery of dancing with the charm of the city of Yokohama. I hope this opportunity will be a chance to visit Yokohama."
The event held in "Moto-machi" shopping street represents the original dance created especially for "Yokohama Dance Paradise". The dance named "Red Shoes" has the motif of Japanese nursery rhyme. The choreography is easy and approachable for visitors to dance comfortably.
A visitor said, "This is not a difficult dance, I think I can master it after a short practice, and it is so fun."
The "Yokohama Dance Paradise" event will be held until September. On weekends during the event, Yokohama will be full of activity smile, and of course, lots of dance. (ANI)