All parties must work transparently, respects Indian laws: US State Department

| Updated: Mar 09, 2017 20:27 IST

Washington D.C.[USA], Mar. 9(ANI):Reacting to the shutting down of the American Christian NGO Compassion International, the U.S. State Department said that for the past couple of years several foreign-funded NGOs in India have encountered challenges to the continuance of their operations, and urged all parties to respect Indian laws, and encourage a transparent process. "The closure of Compassion International for specifics about this action, we of course are committed to the health and vibrancy of civil society, and we strongly advocate for a strong civil society and organizations that are working in that sphere around the world. I think, unfortunately, we've seen over the past couple of years a number of foreign-funded NGOs in India that have encountered significant challenges in continuing their operations. And we believe it's imperative that all parties work transparently and cooperatively in a way that, obviously, respects India's laws but also encourages a transparent process, and these are views that we've made clear to the Indian Government," said Mark Toner, Deputy Spokesman of the U.S. State Department. Compassion International is expelled to shut down its operations in India next week after New Delhi stopped transfer of its funds into the country. Compassion International has been active in India for almost 48 years but was forced to close its doors after by Hindu extremist groups accused it of converting people to Christianity. The government on Wednesday dismissed a statement by American Christian NGO Compassion International that it is being forced to shut down its operations in India next week because of "ideological" reasons. In March 2016, the Ministry of Home Affairs had put Compassion International on a "prior permission" watchlist, effectively curtailing its ability to bring in funds for NGOs in India, some of which were accused of carrying out religious conversions. After several appeals, Compassion International announced that it is shutting down its India operations on March 15 this year. (ANI)