Baloch activists protest in Canada against genocide by Pakistan

| Updated: Dec 13, 2016 01:42 IST

Toronto [Canada], Dec. 12 (ANI): Baloch activists held demonstrations in Canada to protest against the current situation of human rights violations in Balochistan Province of Pakistan. The protests were organised on Saturday to mark International Human Rights Day. On the occasion, Baloch Activist Latif Johar, Central Committee member of Baloch Students Organisation, said, "We are protesting here to urge the United Nations to intervene in Balochistan and stop human rights violations by Pakistani forces and our struggle based on international laws. We hope the United Nations and other champions of democracy will take immediate action against Pakistani barbarism and also Chinese barbarism in Balochistan." Another activist, Zaffar Baloch, organiser of Baloch National Movement, North America, said, "Today we are here to peacefully protest against human rights in Balochistan on the occasion of Human Rights Day. This protest over here in Canada as well as elsewhere in Europe has been called by a joint Baloch national movement." "This is to bring world's attention to what is happening to Balochistan; genocide being conducted by the Pakistani Army, the intelligence forces and sponsored escorts. Thousands have disappeared and we are still struggling for our rights for the sovereignty of the Baloch people over their natural resources over their lands and for their freedom," he added. Baloch leaders and activists have repeatedly blamed the Pakistani government and military for mass killings and forced disappearances of Balochistan natives. As per the activists, most of the attacks in Balochistan bore sectarian mark and often is handiworks of Punjab-based terror outfits, which are thriving on funding by the Pakistani army and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). They also said that atrocities on Baloch people have increased after Islamabad and Beijing signed a multi-billion dollar China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The people in Balochistan, who are championing the cause of the Free Balochistan Movement, are opposing the project, which they say will lead to exploitation of their resources. On International Human Rights Day, Baloch activists across the globe held similar protests condemning Pakistan.(ANI)