Charlottesville: Chopper crash near white supremacist rally claims Two lives

| Updated: Aug 13, 2017 12:05 IST

New York {U.S.}, August 13 (ANI): A Virginia State Police helicopter has crashed near the venue of a violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville on Saturday, killing two people on board. The chopper plummeted into a "wooded area" around 4:50 p.m. seven miles southwest of Charlottesville on Old Farm Road near the Birdwood Golf Course, The New York Post reported. The cause of the crash was not known and an investigation has been initiated. A statement released by Virginia State Police reads: "Shortly before 5pm today (August 12), a helicopter crashed into a wooded area near a residence on Old Farm Road. There are two confirmed fatalities." "No one on the ground was injured. The cause of the crash remains under investigation at this time. State police are on scene with Albemarle County police and fire units." The helicopter crashed after hovering closely over houses, neighbours told the local media reports. One person was killed Saturday and 19 were hurt when a speeding car rammed into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville, where a 'Unite the Right' rally of white nationalist and other right-wing groups was to take place.(ANI)