Clintons have been `bugged`!

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Apr 24 (ANI): The Clintons may have lost the elections to the Trumps, but their sense of humour certainly remains intact. In a hillarious jibe at his wife Hillary’s presidential rival, Donald Trump, former U.S. president Bill Clinton declared on Twitter that Clinton Centre was ‘bugged’ as he posed for a picture with a giant sculpture of a 'bug'.The former commander-in-chief posted a picture of himself with a giant grasshopper sculpture on the grounds of his Clinton Presidential Center as he captioned it, “BREAKING: We just learned that the @ClintonCenter has been bugged.’The massive insect Clinton posted a picture with was a part of a temporary exhibit "Xtreme BUGS" at the center in Little Rock, Ark. The pun was in an apparent reference to President Donald Trump’s claims that former president Barack Obama had Trump Tower "wiretapped" during the election campaign.Not to be outdone, the Clinton Presidential Center’s Twitter account quoted his tweet and added, “Please bee advised...”According to media reports, Clinton said he was inspired to hold the exhibit over Earth Day weekend after reading biologist Edward O. Wilson's "The Social Conquest of Earth". (ANI)