CPEC can lead to regional rivalry between China, India: Dr. Robert Darius

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Pennsylvania [United States], May 14 (ANI): China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) can lead to regional rivalry between China and India in South East Asia and the Persian Gulf, which could further destabilize these regions, said Dr. Robert Darius, a former Adjunct Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences and former Military Historian. "CPEC will further reduce Western influence in both South East Asia and the Middle East and will be a permanent gateway to these regions for China s economic power," he said. Dairus alleged that Pakistan is practicing a near genocide in Balochistan and would increase these actions for CPEC projects. He said human rights violations in Balochistan will increase as a result of CPEC. Asserting that the indigenous Baloch people deserve a better life as they seek their freedom from Pakistan's bondage and Punjabi domination, Dairus said that he has empathy for the Baloch people as his father himself was a Baloch and was killed in 1951 during the elections in Sistan and Balochistan. He said India has a moral duty as the most populous democracy in the world to save the Baloch people from Punjabi bondage. "Democracies must forge greater ties in the Indian Ocean area! India can play a larger role in supporting freedom and human rights," he said. Dairus said that Pakistan will fail as they are practicing near genocide against Baloch and Sindhi and other minorities. "Minorities are human beings and want to live in peace and grow and prosper like the majorit. Human rights is a vital issue and must be supported by a democracies," he said. (ANI)