Impressed US investors willing to invest in India's port sector: Gadkari

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

By Anshul Rana Washington D.C., July 12 (ANI): Asserting that there is a huge opportunity of investment in the port sector in India, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways and Shipping Nitin Gadkari on Tuesday said investors are impressed with the India's scheme and are willing to harness the opportunity. "We are planning to start three new ports in India - Colachel port (Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu), Sagar port (West Bengal) and Wadhawan port (Mumbai). So, there is also huge opportunity for investments in our port sector. We have discussed all these issues with the Indo-American Chambers Of Commerce. They are very much impressed by the presentation and are willing to invest in India," Gadkari told ANI here. Taking about ease of doing business in India, the minister said, "At present, there are no roadblocks - no land acquisition or forest clearance problems. When I took over as minister, 403 projects were there with the state governments, with our departments and National Highway Authority of India (NHI), of which 90% have been cleared. Our Cabinet has approved 21 decisions from our department and today, frankly speaking, there is no problem." Talking about clearances to various projects, he said, "Now we are not giving appointment aid without 80% land accusations. And first, we issue forest and environment clearances, railway clearance, utility shifting and 80 percent land acquisition and then we are giving the appointment aid." Speaking about speedy road construction, the minister said, "Today, the road sector is moving fast and that is the reason the speed of road construction has increased. I just want to give one example that Axis control express highway that is ring road of Delhi, easterly bypass and westerly bypass. Actually, there was a big land acquisition problem in Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi, particularly in U.P. But with our new Land Acquisition Act in place, we don't have any problem." "The Prime Minister has given us a task to complete highway, road construction within 400 days. And we are confident that we will be able to complete this project within 400 days. So, the work culture is changed and the decision making process is fast with full transparency, so it is very easy for the contractor and for the company to construct..there is a good positive environment for development," he added. "Presently, in the World Bank report, financial report the performance of India from the logistic point of view has increased. The way this government is working, the response is very good. Now the people are really interested to invest in India," he said. Talking about people's expectation, Gadkari said "People have more expectation from my government, especially in the road safety department. And even I am not satisfied with it. Unfortunately in the past two years, two percent accidents have also increased, so, it is a big problem. We are very much disturbed, because every day there is an accident in Himachal Pradesh. We have taken lot of decision on this. We have made barriers; we need to improve the system and we have to use the latest technology. We have to make it axis control. Most important is as to how to save lives of the people." Talking about setting up of 4,000 driving institutes across India, Gadkari said, "In the whole world, it is easiest to get license in India, and India has maximum bogus licenses. Most of the license holders have never been to the office and that is why we are going to build four thousand driving institutes, where computer will take the test and declare the result." "We are taking all the help from the transport ministry in London. so now it will not be very easy for anyone to take a license. National registration of licence, the licence and registration everything will be available in the website," he added. (ANI)