ISIS continues to slaughter innocents in govt. controlled areas in Mosul

| Updated: Nov 25, 2016 23:11 IST

New York [USA], Nov. 25 (ANI): As fighters advance on the besieged city of Mosul and the ISIS seemed to suffer huge losses, the terror outfit has now started targeting children and civilians. The terror group's tactic of desperation as nearly 100,000 fighters advance toward Mosul is to simply lob mortars indiscriminately toward government-controlled areas, reports the CNN. A victim of the Islamic State's terror, Omar Ali stands outside his home in eastern Mosul weeping, as his sense of relief after being liberated from ISIS has been replaced by a feeling of unbearable loss. Only a day earlier his 18-month-old daughter Amira was killed when a mortar round landed nearby and the Shrapnel tore through the air and the child's skull. "ISIS now has no course of action but to target children and civilians, because they are the easiest to attack. The mortar rounds have left so many civilians wounded or dead," said Lt. Khaleel Amer, head of the triage center. (ANI)