Japan: 19 killed in knife massacre in care facility

| Updated: Jul 26, 2016 15:17 IST

Washington D.C., July 26 (ANI): In one of Japan's deadliest mass killings since World War II, at least 19 people were killed and 25 injured in a stabbing spree at a facility for the disabled near Tokyo. According to CNN, Satoshi Uematsu, a 26-year-old who worked at the facility until February, broke in through a window. Police said they received a call from an employee of the facility reporting the attack, according to state broadcaster NHK. About 3 a.m., Uematsu turned himself in at the Sagamihara police station, carrying a bloodstained knife and cloth, officials said. The incident sent shock waves through Japan, where mass killings are rare. In June 2001, eight children were killed when a former janitor entered an Ikeda elementary school in Osaka and began stabbing students at random. In June 2008, a man ran over a group of people with his truck and then stabbed 18, killing seven, in Tokyo's famous Akihabara gaming district. (ANI)