Minors as young as 13 can marry in New Hampshire

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Hampshire [USA], March. 10 (ANI): Minors will be able to get married in New Hampshire as the House of Representatives have rejected a bill to raise the minimum marriage age to 18. According to the existing law , girls are allowed to get married at the age of 13 and boys at 14 after getting approval from the court and parents. The 179-168 vote on Thursday was unexpected, as HB 499 was voted "ought to pass" 11-0 by the Committee on Children and Family Law, local U.S media reported. Lawmakers who voted against the measure said that they did not pass the bill because there was no provision for anyone under 18 to get married, adding that it would hurt young military members and pregnant teenagers. "There are circumstances where I believe it is appropriate, again, with the consent of parents and guardians and with the approval of the court, I believe there are circumstances where a minor should be able to get married," Republican state representative David Bates said. (ANI)