Nearly 100 protestors arrested as Trump takes charge as 45th U.S. President

| Updated: Jan 21, 2017 10:02 IST

Washington D.C. [United States], Jan. 21 (ANI): Police have arrested nearly 100 protestors after they smashed windows, damaged cars and threw rocks at them near Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony on Friday. Some policemen were injured during the demonstration after run-ins with protesters. CNN quoted Washington D.C. Spokesman Vito Maggiolo as saying that two policemen and one other person were taken to the hospital for undetermined injuries. Protestors were throwing rocks and bottles at the police, who were trying to disperse the crowd after the swearing-in ceremony near 12th and K streets. Smoke and flash-bang devices were being used by the police to scatter the protesters. Acting DC Police Chief Peter Newsham said that there were thousands of demonstrators who were acting in a peaceful fashion to get their point across but several hundred protestors were confronting the police. "Pepper spray and other control devices were used to control the criminal actors and protect persons and property," police said. Protests against Trump were not happening in America only there were reports of demonstrations being held in other parts of the world including in London, Hong Kong and Berlin. In Berlin, protestors were seen carrying a sign that read, "Walls divide." Palestinians protested in West Bank against Israeli settlements and Trump's plan to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. Meanwhile, seven people were arrested at a demonstration outside of Trump Tower in New York, said police. (ANI)