Obama calls upon international community to reject all forms of fundamentalism

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New York [US], Sept. 20 (ANI): U.S. President Barack Obama has called upon International Community to reject all forms of fundamentalism, while saying that nations should stop proxy wars. Delivering his last speech at the United Nations General Assembly on its 71st session, Obama said the international community should reject terrorism and there is need to embrace the tolerance that results from respect for all human beings. "The world is too small, we are all too packed together to be following the old ways of thinking. We must reject the fundamentalism...instead we need to embrace the tolerance that results from respect for all human beings," Obama said. Obama also highlighted the picture of nations struggling with economic inequality, sectarian conflict and rising nationalism. "We cannot dismiss these visions. They are powerful. They reflect dissatisfaction among too many of our citizens," he said. He insisted that all should work together to make sure the benefits of global integration are shared. "The answer cannot be a simple rejection of global integration. We should work together to make sure the benefits of global integration are broadly shared," he said. The US President called on for a reaffirmation of commitments of collaboration on issues like climate change and nuclear non-proliferation. Taking stock of his diplomatic record, he said, "The end of the Cold War may have led too many to believe that all problems were either caused by Washington or could be solved by Washington. Perhaps too many in Washington believed that as well." He also spoke about the sectarian chaos in the Middle East, Russia's aggression toward its neighbours, and China's disputes with other Asian countries in the South China Sea. He also called for progress on Israel-Palestine, saying Palestinians must reject incitement and Israel must realise it cannot criminally occupy Palestinian land. "Our international community must seek to work with those who seek to build, rather than destroy," he said. He added, "In a place like Syria, where there's no military victory to be had.we're going to have to pursue the hard work of diplomacy." Obama emphasized that the US and Europe were dealing with a rise of nativism, spurred by fears of mass migration. "You see people wrestling with concerns about immigration and changing demographics and suggest that people who look different are somehow corrupting the character of our countries," he said. He referred to the futility of nations' building walls and said, "A nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself." He hailed India's economic growth saying China and India remain on a path of remarkable growth. Obama said the world is by many measures less violent and more prosperous than ever before. (ANI)